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Tara M.

TLC Member since 2017

The information that you will learn in these programs is incredible, there's nothing like it

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So my name is Tara Moore and I am part of the TLC community. I've actually been working with Tracy for, i want to say, 3 and a half years now, maybe going on four years. And the experience has been incredible the entire length of the time. Through my highs through my lows. You know i feel this community and Tracy have always been this solid support for me, there is always a place where I can go. Where I can express my voice, I can experience all that i'm moving through with zero judgment. I can experience being triggered, fully triggered and express that information. Express that emotion. And in this community I feel heard, I feel understood, I feel I've gotten the support that I need. And so this weekend I actually attended her live weekend event, I live in the U.S. she is in Canada. I've been working with her remotely for years I have never yet been able to attend a live event in person. And now with the whole situation that we're in and everything is virtual i decided to go ahead and attend this virtual live event and i will say in the past i have often had rackets around money or the lack of money not enough you know I shouldn't be spending this money because what if some emergency occurs, and then i just went and spent all this money you know over the years i've worked with tracy around my money conversation the guilt the shame um the lack the the lack of worthiness and value that i've had around allowing myself all the things that i deserve and knowing that there is plenty so what happened with this weekend is all week long i kept hearing you need to register for the event and i kept telling myself oh but what if there's an emergency and i need the money making up all these stories well on saturday morning at 4 30 in the morning i woke up and i heard you need to register now so i did that and oh my god i'm so glad that i did and i heard myself say you're having a lack conversation right now and you have the money you can afford this why wouldn't you invest in yourself investing in yourself is the key it and as you invest in yourself you just create more wealth more um you you could create more wealth more abundance i don't want to use the word abundance prosperity you create more of what you desire of what you're creating and these are things that i've learned working with tracy in this community i always hear her voice in my mind never give up don't stop keep going i always hear that in my mind and so there it was saturday getting on the call virtually what was crazy is i had all these other commitments that i had made with my family but i thought you know what i'm just gonna get on this call when i can and i'm gonna be there and i'm gonna be present and i'm gonna listen and i will say this i am so freaking glad that i registered for that course on the weekend event because the things we discussed and the guests that she had it provided such a new perspective on my world on my past that you know my past is not important what's important is my present and my my future that i'm creating inside of the present space now but there was this context that was created in this new perspective that was created that was absolutely mind-blowing and had me really look at my life newly had me get excited again about what is being created had me love my family in a new way had me see where i had been looking through certain lenses and not seeing the wholeness and the richness of my family my partner my son and it allowed me to create this space that we just had this miraculous weekend and our level of communication shifted and it opened and it created a platform not only for myself to communicate newly with my partner but for my partner to communicate newly with me as well as with my son for all of us to see this new perspective and so with that that is just priceless in my mind you cannot put a price on yourself and your transformation and your investment to yourself and your mind and your body and your spirit and so if there is any doubt in your mind ever of either joining the tlc community doing a live weekend event being a part of the miraculous academy all of it the extraordinary i can't remember there's another one an extraordinary the extraordinary group i think that's the name of it but you can't put a price on it you can't put a price on yourself the information that you will learn in these programs is incredible there's nothing like it i have been in the transformational space for over 18 years now there is no one like tracy l clark reverend tracy clark and i feel honored and blessed to be on this journey with her and this community to have her be that stand for me and and for me to be that stand for her and our community as a whole globally so i invite you whatever might be in your way of your yes i encourage you dig deep look at it find where the roots and the seeds of that block are and remove them because it's not the truth now it's not the truth today and if you hear something in anything that she shares in anything that this community shares or what i'm sharing with you now then i say be that yes step proudly into the moment and move forward you will not regret it i can promise you that so thank you reverend tracy l clark i love you the tlc community i just want to give you a big group hug from the us from austin texas thank you it was an amazing weekend and just thank you thank you all and you're all such a beautiful community and to any of those watching this testimonial i invite you come come come play with us it's a lot of fun will you be triggered sometimes but you will break stuff up and you will have breakthroughs you will get tools you will have an amazing incredible life even more than your life is amazing now it'll just keep raising raising raising raising because you have an amazing life now you do so thank you and i love you all love you all thank you reverend tracy thank you

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TLC Member since 2017

The information that you will learn in these programs is incredible, there's nothing like it

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