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The TLC Academy

In order to step into an expanded version of you, you must do something different!

Learn easy to use energy tools to shift together with the universe’s boundless energy. 

Embark On A Journey Of Empowerment.

Stop Living In Limbo!

Maybe you are feeling stuck, as if some life lessons keep repeating, or maybe you are simply ready to accelerate and level up your life. 

Tracy L Clark created four different Academies to meet you where you are at.  Each Academy gives you tools and teachings to make big shifts in your life…  starting today! No matter if you are newly awakening to the possibilities or have been exploring for a while, the Academies will  immerse you in the unrestrained and uncensored truth about learning and working with energy. 

It’s your time to discover the hidden knowledge and tools used by many to find new levels of success.  Begin now to shift your life in the areas of Health and Wealth while awakening your Intuition to navigate life’s complexities  

Dare to live life on your own terms.  Go on… take the leap to embark on a journey of limitless possibilities. 

Seeking Spirituality

Time constraints are no longer a obstacle in your pursuit of knowledge.  This Academy lets you learn at your own pace and unlock access to an archive of teachings and clearings for Health, Wealth and Intuition. 

The Bright

Most Popular

Step into your full power and beyond Breaking Barriers with our most popular All Access Pass Membership.  Weekday videos, community chat, app access and more will guide you to the next level of energy work for Health, Wealth and Intuition.  You don’t have to do it alone. 

Evolutionary Mastermind

Turn your dreams into reality and become the architect of your destiny in this small group Mastermind. Learn strategies for profound shifts in your habits, mindset and life through direct coaching with Tracy L.  

What if you could be your own guru?

It's why Tracy L created the Body Regeneration (TM) Method.


Imagine everyday, you were living life abundant with clarity, purpose, and divine connection?

This is not just about symptom relief. 

It’s about holistic reinvention of one’s being. 

It’s about a future unencumbered by “perceived limitations.”

It’s about crafting a narrative that is utterly yours – authentic, powerful, and free from invisible boundaries that have held you back for far too long.

You hold the key to an extraordinary life—it’s time to unlock your potential by learning Tracy’s Body Regeneration Method ™ tools in The Academies.

Do you ever feel like life is just an uphill battle?

I've been there too!

I know at times it might seem impossible… I’ve had experts tell me they cannot help but then I have seen health miracles; I’ve made, lost and made back my wealth; I’ve felt alone and then strengthened my intuition so I can stay steadfast on my path and unstoppable towards dreams. You can too.

It wasn’t easy and I am on a mission to share the tools that have created massive shifts in my life and create a community so you don’t have to learn alone. 

I know you are here because you feel there is more for you in life.  Everyday I witness miracles in our community. I can’t wait to see what you create too.  

You've got options!

Let's choose the right fit for you.

As an award winning energy healer and hyper-intuitive visionary, Tracy L has lit the path for countless individuals, just like you, on their way to getting unstuck and building their dreams in real life.  

Tracy L has designed four different Academies to meet you where you are at.   The Academies lead you through teachings and give you tools to tap into the core of your own energy potential!  The different options mean: you can enjoy an archive of video teachings on your own timeline; or access in real time recordings each weekday; or take it up a notch to add community support; or even jump right into a Mastermind.

Whether you’re new to energy work, been practicing for years, or simply someone who hears the call for change deep in your spirit, you’ve arrived at a place where people come together, miracles are crafted, and energies align for extraordinary living!.  

For the "Self Starter"

Seeking Spirituality

Seeking a deeper connection to your inner self? The Seeking Spirituality Membership is the golden key for those taking their first steps in energy work.  This Academy will introduce you to a collection of spiritual wisdom and practical tools for personal growth, while also showing you  how to apply real-world practical tools to every facet of your life, consistently. 

Begin Your Path to Enlightenment!  
You get exclusive access to over 175 video teachings, clearings, and activations brought to you by the visionary Tracy herself. More than just lessons; these are stepping stones to a deeper understanding of who you are, the world around us and tapping into the spiritual magnificence within you.

Learning Tailored to Your Life: 
Time constraints are no longer an obstacle. This Membership allows you to explore and learn at your own pace. Whether it’s during a morning commute or a quiet evening at home, Tracy’s guidance is just a click away.

A Lifetime of Learning: 
The Seeking Spirituality Membership becomes an everlasting reservoir of knowledge. Return to it time and again to find insights that resonate with the evolving you.

Now is the time to lay the foundations of a life brimming with spiritual fulfillment and personal success. A brighter, energy-filled future is not a distant dream— it is a tangible reality that begins with a decision to empower yourself.

Join the Seeking Spirituality Membership today and step into the empowered life you’re meant to live!

What's Included

For the Change-makers

The Bright Side

Unlock the door to your fullest potential and embrace a life-transforming journey with The Bright Side All Access Pass Membership! This isn’t just any pass — learn techniques you can seamlessly integrate into daily routines, enhancing your well-being, attracting prosperity, and honing your intuition. You are not working alone in this Membership with connection to a like minded community. No “BS” energy work with real shifts, if you choose to take the leap with us.

Premium Content at Your Command! 
Building on The Breaking Barriers Membership, access over 200+ archived videos entrenched with Tracy L’s teachings. Each video is a guide, illuminating pathways to grow your understanding and enlighten your spirit, all on your own schedule.

Expanding Energy is a Lifestyle. 
Receive 5 teaching videos or clearings each week in your inbox, and at your fingers tips in the TLC App ! Enjoy real time content sharing the latest insights in energy work and immerse in a continuous flow of enlightenment that ensures your growth never stops.

Join the Movement with Exclusive Access! 
Surround yourself with the energy of positive change in our exclusive Telegram group. Here, powerful souls converge, helping one another soar, with Tracy L’s wisdom a mere message away. Embark on this quest together, sharing victories and discovering profound depths.

Crave personalized guidance? 
Our monthly live Zoom calls place you in the nurturing hands of Tracy L, providing individualized wisdom to fan the flames of your personal revolution.

Your seat at the table of transformation is reserved; claim it! 

This commitment symbolizes a firm resolve to mastering the art of energy, to harnessing the power that shapes your destiny. Join us. Awaken. Thrive.

Sign up for The Bright Side Membership today, and unleash the extraordinary force that is YOU!

Most Popular

What's Included


Academy 4: For those who are 'All In'

Evolutionary Academy

Your gateway to Transformation: Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality and accelerate your journey toward the life you’ve always desired? Introducing Evolutionary Mastermind — the catalyst for your personal and professional metamorphosis. With Evolutionary Mastermind, you will step into a world of limitless possibilities and discover the tools to sculpt the future you deserve with live small group coaching calls.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a creative, or simply someone who strives for more in life, Evolutionary Mastermind presents the perfect platform for growth. Break limitations, redefine success, and evolve beyond your current state by understanding energy. The time is now to ignite your potential and let Evolutionary Mastermind guide you to the life you were meant to live.


Weekly Access to Renowned Coach Tracy L: Get guidance from a visionary leader who will share insights and strategies tailored to propel you toward success.

Speed of Achievement: With focused mentorship and powerful resources at your disposal, you’ll find yourself rapidly advancing towards your goals.

Community of Like-Minded Individuals: Join a group of driven, success-oriented peers also on the path of self-discovery and achievement.

Bespoke Action Plans: Personalize your journey with strategies that resonate with your unique aspirations.

Embrace the journey, join Evolutionary Mastermind, and become the architect of your destiny.


What's Included

Hear what the Community has to say:

Miracles flowing everyday.

Common Questions:

Out of the four Academies:

Seeking Spirituality Academy is a one time payment to grants you access to an archive of over 175 video trainings. 

Breaking Barriers and The Bright Side Academies are a monthly Membership. You can set up a monthly payment or choose the annual subscription.

The Evolutionary Academy runs a few times a year and is a one time payment for the session you are joining. 

The Bright Side Academy has a group chat that Tracy joins as well as a live monthly zoom call where Members can participate in live clearings. 

The Evolutionary Academy has weekly live zoom calls and private communication with Tracy.

There are no refunds do to the digital nature of the Memberships.   

If you are on a monthly Membership you can cancel at any time through your Membership site.

Getting Started

Seeking Spirituality

Access to an archive of 175+ video teachings and clearings for Health, Wealth and Intuition. 


  • 1 video to start each week with real-time insights and clearings


Most Popular

The Bright

Everything in Seeking Spirituality.


  • 5 weekly videos with real-time insights, clearings and tools
  • Monthly live zoom call
  • Private Telegram Community Chat
  • TLC App access
  • Exclusive toolbox of 40+ Audio Clearings 
  • Access to special discounts

Most Engaged

Evolutionary Mastermind

  • 12 week small group coaching
  • Weekly live group call
  • Weekly actionable steps
  • Feedback and direct guidance from Tracy L.
  • Private telegram group
  • Replays of sessions

Unleash the force that is YOU!

It's your time!

What if everyday you were living life abundant with clarity, purpose, and divine connection.  Immerse yourself in a world where incredible transformation awaits at every turn!