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Tracy L Clark is not just a name but an experience, a voyage that taps into the core of your energy potentia! A celebrated energy healer and hyper-intuitive visionary, Tracy is the mastermind behind The Body Regen Method™ and the architect of the TLC Community of Extraordinary Living. She’s lit the path for countless individuals, just like you, on their way to personal metamorphosis through her intuitive guidance and energy work.

Tracy's Other Services

One-On-One Sessions

Exciting news! Dive into Tracy’s personalized sessions tailored just for YOU! Discover a unique experience that caters specifically to your needs. Don’t miss out. Click here and witness the transformative power of personalization today!


Unleash your full potential NOW! Join Tracy’s live webinars, interactive lessons, and engaging events designed to provide you with invaluable insights to transform your life. Click here and embark on a journey towards a better YOU with Tracy’s expert guidance. Don’t wait! Your better life is just a click away!

Tracy’s Mastermind Group: Evolutionary Academy


Take control of your future with the Evolutionary Academy Mastermind Group. Start building a strong foundation for your health, intuition and wealth that will navigate you through life’s situations with poise. Get exclusive access to up-to-date, crypto, silver, and gold information directly from trusted sources. Boost your financial confidence with our expert-led energetic support, learn how to create the reality you have dreamt of. Don’t wait – start shaping your entire life paradigm with us. Click now to join the Evolutionary Academy Mastermind Group


These Programs are Designed to Accelerate Your Growth

Additional Services

Private Mentorship

Missed out on the Tracy L one-on-one? Fear not! We are now accepting applications for mid 2024. Imagine weekly calls, private messaging, and direct access to Tracy L throughout the week – personalized guidance on a regular basis with absolutely NO topic off limits. Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Click to apply now, make sure 2024 -2025 becomes your year of growth and breakthroughs!

Emergency Session

Sometimes emergencies come up! I work to ensure we can serve you in the best way possible. If you are in a crisis or emergency situation, custom booking times can be made available on a case-by-case basis.

You will be booked in the very first available spot. We do our best to book sessions within 7-10 business days. Due to the high volume of emergency sessions being requested, please bear with us.


3 Question Read It Now Video and Energy Shift

A personal reading from Tracy L Clark? Get it now! This “Read It Now” option offers you a personal reading by Tracy L for THREE questions. Receive a video and energetic shift and reading of your current situation. Receive the tools you require to shift your life.  This is an energetic reading and energetic shift will be for three questions only and will be completed within 5-7 business days. Sign up now to get immediate answers to your most pressing questions!

Need it Now

Get an energy boost without even leaving your house!

If you’re feeling drained and are in need of a pick-me-up, Tracy L. Clark has the perfect solution – Need it Now sessions! These one-on-one readings will help you get out of your funk and back on track.

And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house! Just submit what you would like Tracy to work on, sit back, and relax while she handles the rest. Learn more about these life-changing services by clicking the ad below.

Tracy's Patreon

In Tracy’s Patreon Membership, you will gain access to an exclusive weekly video delivered directly to your inbox, providing invaluable insights on overcoming financial barriers. Additionally, you will receive powerful affirmations that will ignite the transformation of your life towards your desired direction. 

As the realm of money constantly evolves, we are committed to keeping you updated and empowered, enabling you to flourish and thrive in the face of any challenges that come your way. Remember, everything you need to succeed resides within you, and the world outside of you only mirrors that potential. Join now and unlock your path to lasting prosperity!


Certified Specialists

In the Evolutionary Academy Mastermind Group, we work on creating a very strong foundation in your health and wealth to the hand of God to ensure you know how to navigate situations with ease and grace. Every week I share up-to-date detailed information with regards to crypto, silver, and gold from my direct sources so that you can be empowered. Together, we walk through the systems to help your knowledge base expand and give you the confidence to fully embrace your financial paradigm.