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The TLC Mission is to empower you, to make your dreams a reality

Rev. Tracy L - High Performance Energy Coach

Repetition is the key to mastering anything!

In the TLC Community, we do not just talk about change, but we step into the energy through transformation, love, and connection. Learn to shift your energy from within to create real, lasting change! I will teach you functional and reliable tools that, when applied, you'll become empowered and create a world where you thrive, not survive.

I developed these tools to overcome my own personal struggles. They were foundational to my journey of finding peace, success, and fulfillment. And now it's your turn!

Join me Rev. Tracy L, and the TLC community on our exciting and ever-changing journey to understanding the power within and how you can use the energy around you to create a limitless world. Unlearning all you have learned can feel overwhelming at first. But remember, you already have everything inside you. The key is to access it and not just talk about it. Together I will help you combine all aspects of connection, health, and wealth to create the transformation you need.

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Kasia T

TLC Member for 6+ years

So many miracles!

"...the biggest breakthrough is that your tools, your videos and constant giving to this community have empowered me to realize that I hold the key to my happiness no matter where my finances or relationships are at." ...Read Kasia T's Full Testimonial

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